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The Hull Maritime Museum was founded back in the year 1912 and moved to the old dock offices in the year 1974. The Offices were formerly the home to The Hull Dock Company until 1893, when the railway from North Eastern took over the running docks. The shareholder’s Court Room currently used as for the temporary exhibitions, is a highly decorated piece of Victorian architecture having a frieze of cherubs displaying the coats of the European cities that Hull traded with.

Whaling Artifacts at The Hull Maritime Museum

An outstanding collection of whaling artifacts attained from the domination of the Article whale trade in the early nineteenth century. This includes skeletons of whales themselves, the tools and weapons, as well as journals, logbooks and personalia. The Museum will also tell you the story of the city’s indulge in fishing, initially in the North sea all out to Norway, Germany and Iceland.

Hull’s tradition of ocean going commerce

In this museum you will be greeted with the pirates and privateers exhibition. Hull’s tradition of ocean going commerce dates from the middle ages and has historically targeted the nations of Scandinavia and the Baltic sea. The museum basically dedicates an entire gallery to Hull’s whaling industry, which peaked in the early 19th century.

The museum stated mission as stated is to preserve and make available the maritime history of Hull and East Yorkshire through artefacts and documents. It was originally known as The Museum Of Fisheries and Shipping back in Pickering park. It moved to its current locale in 1974. The building stands in Queen Victoria Square, opposite the Queen’s Gardens, in the heart of Hull.

Hull city council launched the Hull and Sea website in 2008

Hull city council launched the Hull and Sea website in 2008, where it allows users to recap or virtually browse the maritime museum’s collection. From various work sectors such as scrimshaw to images and descriptions of the seagoing vessels from thy city’s past. During Hull’s year as the city of culture the museum played a prominent role in the opening three months season Made In Hull. The museum concerns itself with Hull’s maritime history from the 19th century onward.

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