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Need a Boiler Installation in Hull or East Yorkshire?

If you live in East Yorkshire and are looking for new boiler or combi boiler installation in Hull, then you have come to the right place.

Steve Elliot Boiler Installations, Service and Repairs, based in Hull, are your local boiler specialists. We can:

  • Supply and fit new boilers
  • Repair your existing boiler
  • Service your boiler
  • Perform a home boiler assessment to determine which solution is best for you
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What Boilers can Steve Elliot Boiler Installations, Service and Repairs Install?

Steve Elliot Boiler Installations, Service and Repairs work with all the major manufacturers, and are trained by their boiler teams to make sure we fully understand the intricacies of each make and model.

So no matter what boiler you choose, we have a trained expert who will install your new boiler in your home.

Choosing a Boiler

Replacing an old boiler will help you to save money on your energy costs. Modern appliances are more efficient, avoiding the common problem of heat loss from older boilers. Our heating engineers will help you choose a boiler that is suitable for your house and usage. Here are some factors you should consider when considering a new boiler installation in Hull:

  • What type of heating system do you have now
  • How much water do you use
  • Do you want to take advantage of renewable energy
  • How big is your house

House size and usage matter because the boiler wattage will need to be big enough to supply the heating demands of your radiators. So if you’re not sure what you’ll need or what type of boiler would be the best solution for your home, we will be more than happy to offer you a free quote when we visit your property.

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Energy Saving Options

If saving as much energy as possible is a priority for you, there are other heating options you can consider. One of the simplest options is to install a combi boiler with a built-in flue heat recovery system. This mechanism recovers any heat that would normally be lost without one – meaning you’ll save more on your energy bills.

How do I book my Home Assessment?

To book an engineer to discuss your boiler installation in Hull, please call us or visit our contact page and complete the short form. We will organise a date and time that suits you, and one of our Gas Certified Engineers will call at that time to offer a no obligation survey and quotation for a new boiler and run you through all available options.

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