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Before the Humber bridge, commuters would go from one place to another using either the Humber Ferry which run in between New Holland Pier and Corporation Pier at Hull, Lincolnshire or by driving through the M62 in the year 1976, M18 this in year 1979. The journey was a series of straight one way carriage roads across foggy moors interrupted by predictable bottlenecks for most of the journey to Blyth, Nottinghamshire, where it met the lane A1.

The plans for the Humber bridge were originally drawn up in the 1930s

The rate at which accidents were taking place was so high bringing forth debates in Parliament. The plans for the bridge were originally drawn up in the 1930s but later reviewed in 1955, though the work did not begin until 27th July 1972.

The Humber Bridge board to manage and raise funds to build the bridge and buy the land required for the approach roads.

Work Began July 1972 by Clugston Construction of Scunthorpe

The involved engineers for the project were Freeman Fox and back then known Partners. The project was estimated to be around £1.725 million, and that the bridge would be unlikely to recoup the construction or maintenance costs. The British Bridge builders work began on the southern approach road in July 1972 by Clugston Construction of Scunthorpe.

The first, north tower was completed by May 1974. The Southern foundations were completed in September 1975, with the pier completed in March 1976. The southern tower was completed by September 1976. Built on solid chalk is the northern and anchor tower whereas the southern tower and anchorage is built on fissured Kimmeridge Clay, and 500 metres from the southern shore, built with difficult caisson design.

Spinning of the cable took place between September 1977 and July 1979. Each weighing about 5,500 tonnes with thirty seven strands of 404 lengths of cable. The bridge was officially opened to traffic on 24 June 1981. The Queen Elizabeth II herself did the opening herself. Four lanes of motor traffic not excluding pedestrian/cycleway either side. The Humber bridge is located East Riding of Yorkshire or North Lincolnshire. The bridge is maintained by The Humber Bridge Board.

The bridge is 2,220m, 28.5m wide, 155.5m high having a span of 4,626ft. The estimated daily traffic is 120,000 vehicles per week.

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